A Ladder That Helps You Safely Tackle Your To-Do List

700,000 People Fall from Ladders Annually — 97% Occur at Home

Ladders for People Who Care

Safely access the top of your truck or RV while washing your car or reaching over heavy furniture without putting your body and  the things you care about at risk

Kick Butt, Don't Fall On It

Traditional Ladders Don't Cut It

Over The Top Ladder’s patented curved technology provides an ergonomic design that gives you a safe vantage point and increased comfort while you're tackling tasks at home.

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Car Enthusiasts Love Over The Top Ladder

Technicians, they'll love it, because it's quick access all the way around the vehicle

Actual Technician Manager

You don't have to step on the tire and reach over the car awkwardly - that's just a balancing act. The Over The Top Ladder is sturdy.

Actual Truck Owner

I like to wash my vehicle and keep it prestine, and I would definitely consider purchasing it.

Actual Car Enthusiast

Protect The Things You Care About

Prevent scratches on furniture and cars when working around the house

do it safely

Maintain Sturdy Positioning


do it right

Keep Your Things Damage Free


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Over The Top Ladder
Over The Top Ladder
Over The Top Ladder
Over The Top Ladder
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A-frame, stepladders and extension ladders have traditionally been used to accomplish everyday tasks, but in many situations, these ladders provide subpar positioning which force us to take unsafe measures to get the job done. These risks very often result in injuries with more than 700,000 ladder injuries reported in the US annually. 

We're changing that.

The Over The Top Ladder is a graduated, bow-shaped ladder with cushioned padding and adjustable footing that allows us to safely and conveniently wash, rinse or wax a vehicle of any size without straining to reach the roof, or scratching the paint.

The revolutionary curved, bow-shaped configuration helps us get things done around the home, while protecting the things we care about -- including ourselves!


Protect Yourself and The Things You Care About

WITH THE first curved ladder designed to keep you safe